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£72.00 per bulk bag

Ideal for bringing the beach to your very own home, perfect for play pits this will provide hours of entertainment and fun for your children. This is a naturally formed product and has been specifically designed for play pit areas in schools, nurseries and homes. This has been tested to BS EN 1177


£49.52 per bulk bag  £32.00 per half bag

Horticultural grit is a key element in all soils to add improve structure and drainage, while providing small pockets to hold essential air and water,  horticultural grit has been washed, so it is free from lime and other elements. This gives it a neutral pH that will not affect soil acidity levels.


£60.12 per bag

Silica Sands is used in exercise paddocks and ménages and come in various colours and textures. Silica sand compacts well and aids drainage.


£30.00 per bulk bag

Ideal for backfilling, especially after plumbing and electrical works, fill sand is suitable for use as a base for concrete, paving and paths as it compacts down solid. Fill Sand can be used also as a feature aspect in the visual presentation of Golf Courses.


£41.52 per bulk bag

Sometimes referred to as sharp sand, Grit Sand is fine in consistency and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. However, it is most commonly used in concrete mixes, floor screeds and for bedding block pavers.

Building Sand (Durham Yellow)

£45.36 per 850kg bulk bag

Quality building aggregate; dry screened building sand that mixes a smooth mortar and is ideal for any kind of building project.

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