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10mm Golden Gravel

£82.80 per bulk bag    £42.00 per half bag

The 10mm Golden Gravel is a naturally quarried product which may result in slight variations in formation, size, colour or shape. In the daylight the bright colours of the gravel can add brightness to your garden. The gravel has a real contemporary look which can add an elegant look to your garden. It is an angular shape, with a natural buff finish. The stunning colours of the Golden Gravel combines yellows, creams and browns which creates a contemporary, elegant look for any garden. It is often referred to as Golden Flint Gravel



£55.44 per bulk bag   £ 33.72 per half bag

A beautiful, angular, cream limestone, Cotswold Buff Gravel 20mm is a classic favourite for driveways as it settles flat and wears well and gives a bright and professional finish. This gravel is also known as Buff Limestone or Cotswold Chippings.


Scottish Cobbles 30-90mm are perfect for borders and rockeries. They can prove quite difficult to walk on due to the size of them. The mixtures of light and dark colours are wonderful and the smooth shape and texture of the stones add to their beauty. These cobbles in particular would be great for rock pools or a beach effect in the garden


This product is currently an extremely popular seller. Limestone Chippings are an angular stone and can easily brighten up any garden. These chippings are particularly useful for driveways and pathway and are an attractive alternative, or to compliment, other stones and gravel. Many of our customers have used the limestone chippings for water features, borders and garden rockeries to add extra style and create that wow factor in the garden


£53.52 per 850kg bulk bag £32.76 per 450kg half bag.

A mixture of rounded, half rounded and angular stones. The various colours make this 20mm Trent Gravel a very attractive product for a variety of landscaping projects. Trent Gravel is suited to driveways, water features and landscaping due to its size




£69.66 per bulk bag

Gabion Stone is a hard, angular carboniferous limestone perfect for any Gabion Basket installation. The subtle light grey tones are sure to enhance any Gabion project. Gabion Stone is incredibly hardwearing ensuring maximum strength. The range of sizes that make up our Gabion Stone ensure the Gabion Stone interlocks for added strength.


£63.72 per 850kg bulk bag £36.00 per 450kg half bag


Yorkshire Cream is a mixture of creams and light browns, it is also known as Yorkshire Flint or Cotters Gold. Yorkshire Cream is perfect for driveways, pathways and all decorative purposes. They create a great, contemporary look to any garden with the light mixture of colours. It is very durable as it is a mix of flint and quartz content.


£40.92 per 850kg bulk bag £26.46 per 450kg half bag

20mm Gravel is ideal for surfacing pathways and drives at a relatively low cost and without the need for additional laying expertise. The larger size of this particular product means that it is unlikely to get stuck inside car tyres. Using 20mm Gravel as a decorative surface can also act as an additional security measure, the crunching sound when it is walked over may alert you to uninvited guests. If you are using gravel for such applications do not forget to purchase a suitable membrane or geotextile fabric to ensure protection from weeds.


£40.92 per 850kg bulk bag

Pea Gravel also known as 10mm river gravel, is an ideal product to use in the garden, driveway or any landscaping project. These inexpensive and versatile rounded fragments have excellent drainage, erosion prevention, weed blockage and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for covering paths and filling spaces between stone pavers.


£53.52 per 850kg bulk bag £32.76 per 450kg half bag

This attractive angular grey / white stone, is ideal for brightening up landscapes and to use as a contrast to other aggregates. It is an economical product so is ideal for drives and large landscaping areas but can also be used for paths, rockeries and water features.


£58.80 per 850kg bulk bag £35.40 per 450kg half bag

Our Welsh Slate Plum Slate chippings 40mm are a perfect addition to any landscape with their attractive shades of purple, blue and indigo particularly when wet. As a fish friendly product it is perfect for water features and ponds but it is also ideal for borders and landscaping projects. Our photographs show the product wet and dry.


£65.59 per 850kg bulk bag £46.56 per 450kg half bag.

20mm Black Basalt is an angular stone that is extremely durable and has a lovely contemporary look and feel to it. This particular stone is becoming increasingly popular in the market for pathways and driveways as its colour and size adds a lovely touch of class to your project. This 20mm size is perfect for driveways because it binds together really well and doesn’t scatter or break up when driven or walked upon. This garden gravel is often referred to as black granite or graphite chippings. This product is a duller gorgeous grey colour when dry and a striking jet black colour that really shines through when wet which makes it a good product to have to use around water, things such as water features, ponds etc.



£82.80 per 850kg bulk bag £48.00 per 450kg half bag

20mm Golden Flint Gravel consists of a mixture of mainly angular and some rounded stones producing a hardwearing surface. This warm Golden Gravel is a very popular driveway gravel. Golden Gravel is excellent for brightening up dark areas and is a relatively low cost and low maintenance way of enhancing the appearance of any landscaping project.



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