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Festival Plus turf




Created with over 25 years of turf growing experience, Festival PLUS is a new and exciting product to join our range of landscaping grades.

Features & benefits

  • Dense sward

  • Deep emerald green

  • Extremely hardwearing

  • Quick repair

  • Finer appearance to regular ryegrass

  • More drought tolerant to regular grades

Best Uses

  • High wear lawns and parks

  • Pathways


Specification Guidance Notes

Sown Mixtures
Creeping Ryegrass, Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass, Fescue.

Size & weight
Standard rolls 1 square metre. Large rolls 0.73m or 1.05 x 28m. Final thickness: 15-20mm. 15-20KG per square metre depending on saturation.

The turf soil should be of sandy loam nature with no stones.

The grass will be dense, of uniform green colour, free from broadleaved weeds and not visibly affected by pest of disease.

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