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Turf grade Lawnstar
Turf uses Hardwearing: Ideal for Family lawns & landscaping
Roll width 24 inches or 61cm
Roll length 56 inches or 165cm
Area 1 square metre
Thickness 10-15mm

Seed mixture: 25% Dwarf perennial ryegrass
15% Chewing fescue
30% Strong creeping red fescue
20% Slender creeping red fescue
10% Smooth stalk meadow grass
(this mix may vary depending on availability and conditions)
Grass height 25-35mm (we aim to cut at approx 30mm)
Soil type Grown on sandy loam
Treatments All turf is chemically treated for weeds, pests & diseases, and we also apply artificial fertilisers and manure

Advice to customer Lay turf within 24 hours and water in well if dry weather

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