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Sedum Mat



Lindum Sedum Mat is a pre-grown vegetation mat specifically designed for green roofs. It is sown with an exceptional blend of 10 stunning varieties of sedum plants to provide extended interest and colour throughout the flowering period.

Growing in a strong felt, Lindum Sedum Mats are supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer with 10 beautiful varieties of sedum specifically designed for green roofs.

The sedum is provided in slabs that are lightweight and easy to install. We provide rapid delivery of fresh product from our field to your roof. This means very little stress on your plants resulting in better establishment.

Features & benefits

  • Attractive mixture of 10 varieties of sedum with differing colours and leaf forms

  • Low maintenance and extreme drought tolerance

Best Uses

  • Ideal for lightweight green roofs

  • Low growing plants situations

  • Low maintenance green roofs



Specification Guidance Notes

Sown Mixtures
Sedum Acre Golden Carpet, Sedum Album, Sedum Floriferum, Sedum Hyrbidum Czars Gold, Sedum Kamtschaticum, Sedum Reflexum Rupestre, Sedum Sexangulare, Sedum Spurium Coccineum Purple Carpe, Sedum Spurium Summer Glory, Sedum Stoloniferum.

Size & weight
0.84 x 1.2m or 1.2 x 1.0m dependant on batch. 25mm thickness. Saturated Weight 25kg per square metre.

Weed when necessary. Through dry/warm periods, water manually or by a watering system.

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